Classes at Greater Buffalo Gymnastics are all about having fun!
Each class is run by an experienced member of our coaching staff that will help each child reach their potential, while enjoying every aspect of the class!


     Classes at the Greater Buffalo Gymnastics Center help develop self-awareness through challenging activities and social interaction with coaches & classmates. The development of feeling like a champion stems from a healthy lifestyle, consistant positive reinforcement, carefully structured guidance and the excitement of a challenging learning situation.
The Hirsch Family, owners of the Greater Buffalo Gymnastics & Fitness Center and its complex believe that every child should have the opportunity to feel like a champion. Our trained and USA Nationally Safety Certified coaching staff uses gymnastics to teach children the value and rewards of hard work, the thrill of accomplishment, the need for self-confidence, the control of fear and the development of courage.
Fall 2018-2018 is now open!
You may Register for Gymnastics Classes by mail or in person.
To Register by mail please follow these 3 easy steps.
1. Download our Registration Form.

2. Determine the appropriate class for your child,s age and ability by printing our Class Schedule or calling us for clarification.
3. Return your completed form and payment to the office. Please note that in order to process your registration it needs to be filled out in its entirety and accompanied by the registration fee and first month's tuition.  Please note, same day registrations and payments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  You must have your completed registration and payment in prior to the day you plan on starting your program. 

To Register in person, please visit us during office hours and we will be happy to provide you with the registration materials and assist with your class selection.